Faculty Profile

Dr.Jacob K Annamalai, M.E., Ph.D. Professor & Dean
Area of Specialization: Primary processing, post-harvest management and value addition of agrl produce, development of processing equipment & products.
Dr.T.V.Ranganathan, M.Sc. (Tech), Ph.D. (Tech) Professor
Area of Specialization: Convenience foods, Traditional product Technology, Nutraceuticals, Encapsulation technology and Food Chemistry.
Dr.S.Gobikrishnan, M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization:
Design of Food Engineering equipment’s, Biomass
Dr.D.Tiroutchelvame, M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering, Drying of agricultural products, Design of processing equipments
Dr.R.Emilin Renitta, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization:
Food Microbiology, Functional foods
Dr.A.Nishadh, M.Sc., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Nutritional Biochemistry, Food Chemistry, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Dr.M.M.Pragalyaashree, M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Modified atmosphere packaging of culinary herbs, Design and development of farm equipment, Cold plasma technology and Biodegradable packaging
Er.Dayanand Peter, M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization:
Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Product Development, Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Er.P.Balamurugan, M.Tech., (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Design of Food Engineering equipment’s, Heat and Mass Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics
Er.Daniel Paul, M.Tech., M.P.S. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Encapsulation of bioactive compounds, Bioinformatics and value addition of food industry waste.
Er.N.Princy, M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Food Packaging Technology and development of biodegradable packaging material.
Er.Joselin Ann Joy , M.Tech. Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Spice Technology

Er.Angel Abraham , M.Tech. Assistant Professor

Area of Specialization:
Vacuum Processing Technology, Convenience Foods and New product development